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Frequently Asked Questions

What protocols will be in place in each building to properly disinfect classrooms and commonly-touched surfaces?

  • ABBCO managers will train day and night (ABBCO and District) staff on how to disinfect desks, chairs and commonly-touched surfaces.
  • Procedures to clean frequent touchpoints will be implemented for cleaning crews to disinfect critical areas daily. Inventory quantities will be regularly tracked and documented to properly supply the schools. Changes may need to be implemented based on the availability of supplies.
  • Staff will require the use of hand sanitizer when students are entering each classroom, before and after lunch and in the restroom. High school and middle school teachers will require students to sanitize hands when they walk into the classroom, before lunch and after lunch. Elementary school teachers will build in time to have students periodically wash hands throughout the day including but not limited to the start of the day, before and after lunch and following a recess.
  • Teachers will disinfect desks and chairs between groups of students with a four-minute wait time to allow for thorough disinfecting.
  • Teachers will be responsible for refilling sanitizer.  Custodial staff will make sure all staff has access to the stored sanitizer within their buildings.

What additional measures will staff be expected to perform to limit potential exposure to other students/staff (in individual classrooms during the day)? 

Teachers will review new routines and new procedures will be taught and practiced in all classrooms for arrival, dismissal and lunch protocols.

How will workspaces and classrooms be maintained after school?

To support the work of our custodial staff and their efforts to disinfect and maintain a safe building for the students and staff, we will have the following guidelines in place for school access after the school day and during the weekends:

  • We ask that staff who do not have any contractual responsibilities (coach, sponsor, tutoring, etc.) after school to leave their classrooms at a reasonable time each day.  Before staff leaves, they should clean their desk area of papers, clean whiteboards, stack chairs, and clear the floor area. This will allow custodial staff the time to properly disinfect the area.
  • Staff should not come back on campus until the next day when possible.
  • Staff should contact the facility manager if access to the school is needed after school hours or on the weekends.
  • In addition to normal cleaning standards, custodial staff will disinfect all commonly-touched surfaces and areas that are used for after-school events and meetings.

What is the procedure for public use of facilities?

Due to COVID-19, the Ladue School District will limit access to all buildings throughout the district. Unfortunately, we are not allowing any visitors to observe in our schools or classrooms until further notice. Please note, this restriction includes parents.In case of emergencies, parents/guardians may have limited access to the building and will remain in a designated area or directed to wait outside to pick up a student. If allowed to wait in the building, wearing face coverings and social distancing will be a requirement.

All nonessential meetings (i.e. vendors, local businesses, etc.) will take place outside the school day. When this is not possible, these individuals may be granted access from the building principal by appointment only and wearing face coverings and social distancing will be a requirement to access any building in the district.

What will the cleaning protocol be for playgrounds?

Cleaning and disinfecting outdoor areas will be cleaned as needed:

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