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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will students receive email addresses for teacher/student communication purposes?

As of today, we have not reached a decision on K-4 getting e-mail addresses. The district is looking into the parent permission needed.

If we transition back into school in the second semester, how will students participating in the full virtual option two, be assimilated back into the buildings?

For elementary, they will be re-assigned if necessary to a teacher in their building. Virtual teachers and will still be working with their Professional Learning Communities and the Curriculum and Instruction department to stay aligned with Ladue Curriculum. 

At the secondary level, students will be given a schedule for the second semester, with an attempt to keep them with the same teacher they had during Option #2 if we are all returning. It is possible that the teacher could remain virtual and the course be streamed for students in their schedule but these variables will have to be worked out.

Can a positive case of COVID-19 (student/staff) be identified and communicated with staff in compliance with HIPAA?

In a school setting, we follow FERPA which supersedes HIPPA. This would allow our nursing staff the latitude on a “need to know” basis. Staff names would also not be released unless the staff member gave us written consent

Have we considered two days on two days off at the secondary level to help with sleep patterns and routine?

We have discussed this but were worried about the planning entailed since teachers would have to push out lessons for the days that students are at home. We also thought that students would be more likely to stay engaged in school work if they went back and forth rather than having several e-learning days in a row.

What will virtual teachers do at the start of the second semester?

If the district will be in Tier 2 or 3, then the teachers will remain in the virtual teaching assignment. If the district goes to Tier 1, then the teacher will be placed back into their original teaching assignment unless there is some type of accommodation that needs to be made based on medical documentation.

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