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Established Protocol for Identified Cases

Ladue School District is a Partner School with St. Louis County DPH that gives us expanded decision making authority in managing cases of COVID-19 within our school district.

If an individual, and/or multiple individuals, within a school building tests positive for COVID-19, schools will be required to work with their local health department. However, the following procedures can be expected to be put in place:

Identify the location of the individual(s) with whom the individual(s) were in contact, defined as being within a 6-foot space, for at least 15 minutes.

If specific contacts cannot be identified, quarantine everyone who was in the same room, bus or other areas. Schools will need to keep room/bus logs or photos to assist with contact tracing. By having classroom and bus seating charts or photos, the number of students required to be quarantined can be minimized.

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health suggests the building or district close for ten days if any of the following occur: (Percentages may change when additional
scientific data becomes available.)

✔ More than 5% of the student/staff population in a building or district tests positive any day
✔ 4% test positive over two days in a row
✔ 3% test positive for three days in a row

Spaces in each building will be identified for isolating a sick student or staff member until the individual can leave the building.

If a person diagnosed with COVID-19 is determined to have been in the building and poses a risk to the staff or students, a school may close for 1-2 days for cleaning and disinfection of that building or exposed area if cleaning of the area(s) is not possible during the nighttime closing.

In addition to the district establishing the precautionary measures noted above, each building will establish further protocols to fit the needs of their students and staff. Below is a list of considerations each principal will be reviewing for their building:

  • Assigned seating in the classroom and on buses
  • Cohort groups in grades K-5 (the same group of students stay together and do not mix with other groups)
  • Block scheduling in grades 6-12 (under Tier 1)
  • Staggered arrival/departure times
  • Specific entry/exit points

Diagnostic and Screening Testing

The Ladue School District does not provide diagnostic or surveillance testing due to the widespread availability of testing in our community.  We do have a community partnership that allows us to rapidly access testing in the event a staff member or student requires it.

Efforts to provide vaccinations to eligible students and staff

Ladue Schools has held a total of nine (9) vaccination events that have provided opportunities for our staff and eligible students to access all three EUA covid-19 vaccines. Approximately 85% of our staff are vaccinated and approximately 50% of our eligible students are vaccinated.


We continue to require masking indoors for all students and staff working with students following CDC and our local public health authority guidelines.

Food Service

Chartwells, the district’s food service provider, is properly prepared to provide food for students in our district.

All food and nutrition staff are thoroughly trained in food safety. Parents are asked to complete a medical form if their child(ren) has a food allergy. To obtain a medical form, please contact your school nurse.

Meal substitutions, seating accommodations, and classroom food restrictions will be made for students with food allergies/ intolerances, based on medical forms on file.

Chartwells posts monthly menus on each school’s website under the For Parents section then Meals to allow parents to see in advance what is being served for the month. If there is an allergy issue to be addressed, please contact your school nurse.

Details about our food service plan can be found in the FAQs available on the district’s website.

Water Fountains

Touchless bottle filling water fountains will remain available for use by students and staff, with increased cleaning and disinfecting measures in place.

Water fountains with a shared faucet have been flushed and are now approved for use in accordance with CDC guidance.


Building principals will continue to work with their staff to facilitate:

✔ Schedules to allow for increased handwashing opportunities.
✔ The ideal placement of the 40 handwashing stations to ensure easy access for our students and staff to wash hands regularly.

Age-appropriate posters will be displayed throughout school buildings to re-enforce the CDC’s recommendations for best- practice handwashing.

Health and Safety – Contact Tracers

The district’s implementation of health and safety considerations from the CDC will mitigate the risk of spread and exposure. However, the district and community should recognize that we will have the potential for students to be exposed to and possibly contract COVID-19. In light of this reality, we will continue to have various employees throughout the district, including all building nurses and administrators, who are certified through Johns Hopkins University as COVID-19 Contact Tracers to assist in reducing further spread and exposure, when/if needed.

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