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Instructional Support | Technology Access | Parent Engagement

Instructional Support

Given our students, staff and parents have experienced extended time away from in-person instruction last school year, the district has taken the following measures, which include, additional staffing, professional development and other resources which will remain in place for 2021-22:

Learning Loss Support —Literacy-based tutoring program.

Summer School — A virtual-based credit recovery program was made available to high school students and face-to-face summer school has been scheduled for eligible elementary and middle school.

Additional Staffing — The district has hired additional counselors and teacher assistants to provide support. These additional staff members will assist in meeting the needs of all students while adhering to the guidelines outlined in our SRCSP.

Professional Development — The Curriculum and Instruction Department will provide professional development opportunities for certified staff to enhance best- practice instructional techniques related to in-person and virtual instruction. These offerings will assist teachers in providing high-quality and engaging instruction while meeting the needs of various learning styles.

Technology Access

K-12 students receiving face-to-face instruction will be asked to take home their iPad (K-8) or laptop (9-12). They will receive a device charger to keep at home throughout the school year and summer (if requested) so they can fully charge their device each night.

For students receiving virtual instruction, an iPad or laptop, along with a device charger, will be provided for the entire semester.

Parent Engagement

The district will continue to provide instructional resources for parents on the Parent Academy tab of the district’s Online Learning Hub website.

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