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A Message from the Superintendent

My hope is this message finds you and your family well. The disruptions caused by the coronavirus have touched all of our lives in so many ways. If you or your family have suffered in any way through this time please know you are in my thoughts.

We remain in constant contact with local health officials and continue to monitor local coronavirus data on a daily basis. In light of the uncertainty, we have designed our Return to Learn plan to be a fluid document providing flexibility for students and families as well as Ladue Schools staff as we navigate through the school year.

Within our plan, you will discover there are three scenarios represented as tiers, and it’s important to note that not every grade or level may be on the same tier at the same time, and given our situation, we may have to shift from tier to tier over time. We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 rates in our area and will communicate with our families. Below, I have outlined the basic structure of each of the three tiers. Upon review, you will notice there are components of online instruction embedded in many of these scenarios. Rest assured, there will be additional structures, set schedules, and expectations in place that will make all forms of online learning a much-improved learning environment over what we were able to offer in the spring.

  • Tier One is a full return to school for students with additional safety measures in place. Extensive details of these safety measures can be found in our published plans.
  • In Tier Two, students would be split into two groups and attend school on alternating days with a combination of in-person and online learning. This approach would allow for smaller class sizes and a greater ability for students to social distance.
  • Tier Three is a full return to distance learning or what we are now referring to as e-learning.

Please Note: Any family that does not feel comfortable with our tiered approach system can alternatively select a fully virtual learning environment (Option 2). Any family who chooses the virtual learning option must be committed to it for the entire first semester.

(The Ladue Early Childhood Center has established building-specific plans for reentry. Please click here to review this information.)

We have developed this reentry plan to be as responsive as possible to the diverse needs of our students, staff, families and community members. In addition, the Ladue Schools Return to Learn plan is aligned with the guidelines from several expert agencies including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Missouri School Boards’ Association, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

The Return to Learn plan is divided into the following sections:

  • Review of Survey Data
  • Heath and Safety of Students and Staff
  • Well-being of Students and Staff
  • Academics
  • District Operations
  • FAQ/Resources and References

We are committed to your children and providing them with the high-quality Ladue Schools education you expect. We understand the tremendous responsibility we have to serve our community well, and I can promise you we are going to do everything possible to ensure our students are safe and well-served during this difficult time. We also hope you will understand that we serve an incredibly diverse community, and it is impossible for us to devise plans that will perfectly serve each and every family. So, in advance, we thank you for your cooperation and patience.

As I begin my second year as Superintendent of Ladue Schools, I am excited about the 2020-21 school year and continuing to connect with our students and community. I have quickly learned in my short time in the district that we can accomplish anything when we work together and I know that will be the case this school year.

Take care and be well,

Dr. Jim Wipke

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